Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tackling The Long List Of Challenges In Social Media Marketing In The Arab Region

People in the region have different perceptions and expectations of businesses compared to what people in other parts of the world expect from businesses there. In several studies that have been carried out, it was found that social media users in the Arab region tend more to share their views on politics and other pressing issues of their countries rather than talking about dresses, electronics or lifestyle products. This shows a clear cultural diversity and difference in the way people use social media in the Arab region, and that presents a unique challenge for marketers to leverage social media for their purposes.

Breakup of social media usage in the Arab region

  • As of May 2014, the number of people users in the Arab world is: 81302064
  • As of May 2014 the total penetration of Facebook in Arab region was 21.5%
  • In terms of Facebook penetration in the region, Qatar leads the Arab region

The data that we have seen in all his years from the Arab region points to just one fact and that is the growing acceptance of social media as a platform to discuss and share opinion is fast gaining popularity among the young. It must also be noted that, Twitter and other social media platforms are making their presence felt among the young users throughout the region.

Every SMO company in Dubai is keenly aware of the fact that strategising good marketing plans for buyers in the region needs a proper understanding of the application of social media as well as the role it plays in the lives of Arabic men and women. Consumers are already embracing the concept of sharing opinions and connecting with like-minded people on the Internet, but according to some surveys advanced uses of social media monitoring and engagement is about two years behind the United States and other advanced nations of the world. To make the most of the situation and the unique challenges of the region, you will need none other than the best SMO company in Dubai to place your product competitively across all social media platforms. Think about that when you hire social media experts to meet your bottom line.