Thursday, May 28, 2015

3 Common Web Development Lapses That Will Kill Your Website!

A non-performing website is as good as a dead doornail! When you spend money in designing and developing a website you expect it to help you make money, why would you make it otherwise. Some mistakes are so common in web development that it makes you wonder if we all need to revisit the basics about good website making – and perhaps we do. So, here are some of most common ones that you really need to keep in mind.

  • Navigation that annoys users

When users land on a page on your website, you want them to feel comfortable moving around, everything should look clean and logical and links to other important pages should be placed right where users are going to look, not obscured under tons of images and texts! Don’t make the classic mistake of picking navigation just because you like it. Navigation is meant to make life easier for the user it has nothing to do with your personal liking or disliking.
  • Missing call to action

A good call to action is a definite must. Without it people won’t understand what they’ve got to do next. You can put in as many CTAs you want but these works only when the visitor has been fully convinced of what you are trying to say. Calls to action can be simple texts or buttons, but the more eye-catching, the better. Talk to your Web Development Company in UAE to know more about the
  • Content that’s centuries old!

Change is the basic rule of nature. Old content means nothing to your readers. If someone makes the effort to come to your website and spend some time looking for information – reward them with information. Without information you cannot expect anyone to stay long enough on your website.

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