Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Serious About Making Money With Your Website? Get a Responsive Design

Come April, 2015 and Google will officially make use of ‘mobile friendliness’ a big thing for ranking your website. If you are still not serious about making your website profitable then it’s high time you got serious about responsive web designing.

Does Google Hate Your Design?

To begin with, check how far your website has come along all this time. How good or bad is your website according to Google’s tools? The search giant is dead serious about making websites mobile friendly and to that end they have made a tool that will check if your website is any good. The process is fairly simple and takes less than a few minutes to complete unless you have a huge site with thousands of pages. Before consulting with a web development company in Doha proceed over to the Google’s mobile friendliness testing online tool and know where your site stands.

Moving on from the M-Dot Era

Only a few years ago there was a time when any business could make a mobile version of their desktop website, serve it up with an m-dot redirection from the main website and call it a day. It was as easy as that; unfortunately not any longer. Today that method does not make sense anymore. The redirection strategy was short-lived and temporary, so the need for a better strategy was felt in the early days of the M-Dot era.

What are the ROIs of responsive web design?
There are countless advantages of making your website’s design responsive. First you get a dedicated website for mobile and that makes you a better brand because it shows you care for your visitors.  Secondly, you save time on making experiences better and faster for people who appreciate fast loading web pages. Thirdly, you earn SEO brownie points. Previously when there was the apparent risk of duplicate content with two separate URLs, not with a dedicated mobile design you are free of that guilt and you save on optimizing two different websites. That is what we call killing two birds with one shot. Find a good Web development company in Doha that will give you all the advantages of a mobile design and more.


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